Hello friends! Thank you for taking the time to visit my shop. Little Home Haven is a huge part of who I am and you being here means a lot to me. To be able to single-handedly run a company and create products that I love brings me so much excitement and joy. So, let me tell you a little more about myself and my business.
My name is Emily and I'm the owner/artist behind Little Home Haven. I grew up in a home where being creative and crafty wasn't only normal, it was encouraged. My mother worked full-time while still managing to teach craft classes and fill tables at bizarres with beautiful, decorative pieces. Between attending these events and classes and also watching her work at home, I think a small seed was planted in me and now that seed has sprouted into a passion. As if I didn't have enough to thank my mom for, right?
All of the signs you will find here at Little Home Haven were created by hand, start to finish. I begin the building process by hand selecting wooden boards that I then cut down to size. I cut frames for each individual piece and then do all of the painting and staining by hand. I then assemble the signs and finish each sign with a protective polyurethane coating to preserve the front surface. All of the graphic tees/tanks in this shop are authentic, original designs. From start to finish, I am hands-on thru ought the entire production process.
You can reach out to me at any time by filling out a contact form, where you will be contacting me personally. I love what I do and every purchase made puts a smile on my face, not because of income, but because something I created and put so much work into struck your eye and you loved it enough to make it a part of your home.
Thanks again for visiting and shopping my business. I greatly appreciate your support and value your time spent here.
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